NOVATON Smart Systems


Smart Systems

Water conditioning and management are key to successful aquaculture. Every specie of shrimp or fish require its own specific water conditions to grow healthy and provide the highest nutritional value.

NOVATON is pioneering the new generation of aquaculture water monitoring systems.

The NOVATON Smart System combines smart technologies to measure key biological parameters inside the cultivation system in real time. It integrates data transmission and remote control of some operations, such as automated feeding. Soon, it will include Artificial Intelligence (AI) for improving costs and accuracy of operations.

Water parameters measured by the NOVATON Smart System sensors


The NOVATON Smart System incorporates some unique functionalities

  • It automatically samples each individual basin multiple times per day to provide a comprehensive view of what’s happening everywhere and anytime on the farm.
  • It measures all parameters within the same sample of water for optimal precision
  • It is the only system to incorporate ammonia measurements in real time.
  • It is the only system with a self-cleaning and recalibration mechanism after each reading to eliminate errors.

Water Quality

Optimal nurturing conditions and water quality for healthy, natural and tasty fish

Water quality is monitored in real time allowing farm operators to adjust parameters immediately for the well-being of the fish

Feeding process is observed to understand the optimal quantity and spread of feed, therefore improving the feed conversion ratios (FCR) and saving costs

Cameras in the basins observe fish behavior to immediately manage any source of stress

Data Driven Approach

Full understanding of what is happening based on real time data

Informed decision making based on value-added facts rather than habits

The data is displayed in graphical view to facilitate understanding and trends identification

Real time measurements allow farm managers to take immediate actions

Advanced data modelling to predict and proactively manage the farm


Advanced monitoring to improve productivity and resources management

Automated measurement system removes the need for manual sampling and analysis

Smartphone app "Task-It" empowers them to manage daily tasks and communicate data to management and labs in real time, basin by basin

Remote viewing of output measurements by experts in different locations for added security and success

Alarms when the measurements are out of the tolerance ranges allowing for immediate reaction

Continuous biomass estimation predicts the fish growth curve and optimize harvest timing

Swiss Precision

Smart systems and clean technologies developed in Switzerland

The NOVATON Smart System is developed and manufactured in Switzerland

It incorporates advanced self-cleaning and calibration mechanisms for sensors and sampling tubes to avoid data corruption

The NOVATON Smart System requires minimal energy consumption and can be operated with solar energy

It integrates remote control and data transmission options


The farm owners’ and managers’ interface software