NOVATON leverages on key partnerships worldwide to accelerate its R&D efforts and production.

CSEM/EPFL - Neuchâtel

Photovoltaics and Clean Energy Systems

TUM - Technical University Munich - Germany

Industrial Bio-Catalysis, Algae for Feed, Algae for Food

ITB - Institute Technology Bandung - Indonesia

Aquaculture and BioLoop Methodology

EMPA - Zürich

Hydrogen, Methanol and Energy Solutions

IMD - Lausanne

Access to Operational Excellence, Expertise and Network

Unitech Energy - Norway

Marine Aquaculture, Wind Technology, Subsea Equipment Infrastructure

Aquatec - Indonesia

Marine Aquaculture Equipment, Chessboard Floating Infrastructures

Hausammann & Co AG - Zürich

Development of Smart Water Measurement Systems

MNY Energy - Turkey

Membrane Solar Panels

Osaka University - Japan

Metabolomics and Stress on Seafood

Algofait - France

Smart Solutions and Sustainable Engineering


Joint Ventures

NOVATON forms Joint Ventures to share resources and expertise and develop new markets:

  • UNINOVA, Norway – Salmo Solar JV on Salmon Farming