NOVATON Marine Farms


Marine Farms

Marine cage aquaculture is widely used all over the world. Fish are grown in nets suspended from floating frames. Traditional marine cages are submerged in the natural environment with advantages and disadvantages. The water in which the cages are placed is often polluted and the fish ingest pollutants. The fish waste goes directly into the lake or the sea, affecting local marine life, oxygen levels and water quality. 

Based on these observations, NOVATON developed two innovative marine farm concepts for aquaculture specialists, farmers and investors willing to cultivate fish sustainably. NOVATON EEVO Marine Cages integrate a waste management system to avoid polluting the nearby environment and operate on clean technologies. The NOVATON CHESSBOARD is a breakthrough design that allows farmers to cultivate fish in completely isolated and clean water, even in the middle of a polluted lake. 

NOVATON Marine farms are turnkey solutions that can be operated under the Build, Operate and Market (B.O.M.) model.

The NOVATON B.O.M. Model

NOVATON’s unique Build, Operate and Market turnkey solution is a game-changing business model offering a unique one-stop service to traditional farmers and market entrants investing in sustainable aquaculture. 




NOVATON Builds cleantech farms on land, seas and lakes, as a turnkey solution



NOVATON Operates the farms, managing daily operations to produce natural, healthy seafood



NOVATON Markets the seafood globally on behalf of the farm owner.

It is also possible for food companies to O.E.M and market their brand themselves.




Thuwal | Saudi Arabia

The project with the Thuwal Fishermen’s Association is aiming at transforming wild-catch fishermen into sustainable farmers. 

The project will start with the construction of 20 modern and sustainable marine cages, operated with solar energy and with waste extractors to protect coral reefs. About 50 fishermen will be trained as of December 2021 to work on the new operations.