Land Farms


The NOVASPHERE M farms concept originated in Morocco. In this country, as in other parts of the world, it is forbidden to use concrete on agricultural land. NOVATON’s engineering team adapted the design of greenhouses to make this new generation of aquaculture farm. 

The NOVASPHERE M farm is quick to assemble, reduces energy consumption and uses ecological materials for the foundations such as Claylin earthen floors to replace cement which poisons fertile agriculture soils. 

The NOVASPHERE M farm consists of an arch structure covered with an isolated textile membrane to maintain a constant temperature. Its dimensions can reach up to 40 meters in width and 10 meters in height, depending on the desired capacity.


Eco-friendly Claylin Flooring

No concrete is needed

Foundations are made of compact soil and metallic beams

Floors are made of Claylin, a mix of clay, sand and finely chopped fiber that is environmentally friendly


A light structure, easy to assemble

A simple and light weight arched structure

Covered with two layers of textile membrane and an isolation foam to maintain a constant temperature

Solar panels can easily be installed on the membrane roof to provide green energy


A new generation of smart prefabricated basins that suit agricultural land

Prefabricated basins that are quick to assemble, economical in cost, high in quality and long in depreciation

Covered by an aqua anti-floc polymer membrane for easy maintenance and optimal biosecurity

Basins can be circular or square

NOVASPHERE M farms integrate NOVATON Smart Systems for optimal water quality and feed management


Tabuk | Saudi Arabia

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