Cleantech Land Farms


NOVASPHERE farms are land-based farms producing end-to-end sustainable, clean and healthy seafood at industrial scale. 

Currently, only a few cottage farms are able to produce organic seafood in small volumes and at high costs. NOVATON’s ambition to cater to global markets shaped the development of the NOVASPHERE farms.

NOVASPHERE farms are bio-secured constructions containing cleantech closed systems that can be built anywhere on land. They are scalable and can economically produce premium quality seafood in industrial volumes. 


Bio-secured cleantech constructions offering optimal cultivation conditions

Optimized NOVATON Bioloop for each selected crop

Maximum bio-security conditions throughout all stages of cultivation

Flexible climate control per required crop

Integrated solar panels to reduce energy consumption


Sustainable aquaculture operated by our unique biological closed system

Smart basins managed by NOVATION's Marine Life Generator

Optimal water aeration and diluted oxygen levels at all times

Sustainable water and waste management systems


Modular and scalable farms allow staging investments over time and reducing risks

Farms consist of modules, each containing a stand-alone cultivation system, increasing crop flexibility

NOVATON's closed system does not require heavy upfront investment like mechanical RAS

The farms' owners have the flexibility to scale-up their investments and production volumes over time

NOVASPHERE farms integrate NOVATON Smart Systems for optimal water quality and feed management


Tabuk | Saudi Arabia

The Tabuk pilot farm is the first land-based farm built by NOVATON in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

NOVATON chose this challenging location for its Saudi pilot farm to prove that it is possible to economically and sustainably produce natural saltwater shrimp anywhere, even in arid lands far away from the sea.