What we did


Discover NOVATON historical milestones and achievements since the company’s creation.

  • October 2022

    In parnership with ARADE ECO AQUACULTURE, NOVATON started the assembly of the first land-based closed system shrimp farm in the Kingdom of Morocco. Marking the start of the new sustainable generation of aquaculture in Morocco.
  • March 2022

    The construction of the second NOVATON farm in KSA started in Al Jumum, south of the city of Jeddah. This will be the site of the first NOVATON NANO farms concept for compact, modular aquaculture systems, most probably another world first for NOVATON.
  • January 2022

    NOVATON signs an agreement with an Algerian businessman to build and operate a 7,000 Tons shrimp farm, starting with a first phase of 2,000 Tons.
  • January 2022

    NOVATON receives the SAMAQ certification for Tabuk's cleantech aquaculture farm. The SAMAQ labels indicates compliance with requirements of the Saudi Arabian Code for Responsible Aquaculture Practices.
  • December 2021

    NOVATON farmed shrimp were for the first time sold and regularly delivered to the world famous' NOVIKOV restaurant in Jeddah. The B2B premium quality positioning and price-quality ratio were thus validated by the Chefs and London headquarters of NOVIKOV.
    With this milestone, NOVATON has validated the full circle of its "Build, Operate and Market" business model for the first time.
  • December 2021

    As of this date, the premium natural seafood farmed by NOVATON, will be marketed under the Delinat brand name on several continents.
  • December 2021

    NOVATON ARABIA FOR FISHERIES subsidiary company was created in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is intended to become the regional Headquarters for the MENA Region.
  • MAY 2021

    The NOVATON CHESSBOARD IP is filed. The NOVATON CHESSBOARD is the first floating closed system for sustainable aquaculture in the world.

  • April 2021

    Signature of a collaborative research agreement NOVATON-Osaka University. The program covers the metabolomic analysis of shrimp and will expand to the preservation of nutritional values during logistics.
    NOVATON's objective is to minimize the stress on shrimp during all phases of the value chain and ensure optimal health at all time.
  • February 2021

    Probably a world-first project: NOVATON signed an agreement with the THUWAL FISHERMEN'S ASSOCIATION to transform traditionnal fishermen into sustainable aquaculture farmers.
    Fishermen find it increasingly difficult to catch fish in the oceans and seas. The FAO/U.N has developed a feasibility to transform Saudi fishermen into sustainable farmers.
    NOVATON's technology and BOM model were selected and the target is to build and operate a 1,000 Tons farm North of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • January 2021

    The professional "NOVATON Aquaculture Training and Certification Program" was launched and the first program was executed.
    The program is composed of a hands-on learning of the fundamentals in sustainable modern aquaulture all the way to advanced training programs leading to certification.
  • May 2020

    First harvest at NOVATON's Tabuk farm. The NOVATON shrimps receive excellent feedback from private and commercial customers. Particularly appreciated are : the natural flavor, the body bulginess, the crunchy texture, the absence of amonia smell, and the white luminous color of the flesh.
  • February 2020

    The first cultivation cycle in the Tabuk Farm started as scheduled despite the Coronavirus global epidemic. For the first time, shrimp were cultivated in the desert hundred of kilometers from the sea.
    Osaka University in Japan, validated the higher nutritional values in Omega and Protein of the NOVATON harvested shrimp than found in mainstream cultivated shrimp.
  • November 2019

    NOVATON's biosecurity standards are futher developed to integrate the australian standards which are amongst the most advanced in the world.
  • October 2019

    A Joint Venture is created with Aquatec (Indonesia), specialists in manufacturing marine aquaculture equipment, to develop the NOVATON CHESSBOARD concept.
  • September 2019

    An agreement is signed with Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) to form aquaculture specialists and develop a joint training program and Diploma in Aquaculture and Water Management.
  • July 2019

    NOVATON presented its technology package to the concerned Moroccan Governement Agencies for aquaculture: ANDA, ONSSA and INRH. In recognition of the sustainability and performance of the NOVATON's technologies, the Authorities gave their green light to cultivate shrimp in-land for the first time in the Kingdom of Morocco.
  • July 2019

    NOVATON signs a Joint-Venture Agreement with the Moroccan Group ARADE ECO AQUACULTURE to Build and Operate NOVATON sustainable aquaculure farms, to cultivate shrimp and fish free of chemicals and medicine.
  • January 2019

    NOVATON started the construction of the world's 1st fully sustainable farm to cultivate seawater shrimp in the desert, saving water and energy.
    The location, north of the city of Tabuk, 250 Km from the Red Sea, was specifically chosen to prove that with NOVATON's technology seawater shrimp can grow inland without any flowthrough required and without discharge.
  • March 2018

    NOVATON and Pr Gede Suantika established the concept for a new generation fully sustainable closed cultivation system, for natural shrimp and fish, operating without using chemicals, or generating any environmental pollution.
  • March 2018

    NOVATON entered an agreement with the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), in Indonesia, and Professor Gede Suantika to develop a solution for the Lake Cirata natural disaster.
    The solution combines sustainable farming and whenever possible producing solar energy on the artificial lake of Cirata. 
  • April 2017

    Installation of an experimental floating solar platform close to Zürich to test clean energy, climate, remote data and marine buoyancy solutions for the marine aquaculture industry.
    The platform is based on one of several NOVATON Patents for building giant marine superstructures to produce clean energy on seas and lakes.
  • May 2016

    As of Q2 2016, the company has redefined its Business Model and Mission to focus on serving the aquaculture industry with turnkey sustainable farming solutions.
  • Since its inception in 2009

    NOVATON successfully developed unique Patents in marine superstructures, producing clean energy on oceans, seas and lakes. It successfully completed a large scale proof of concept in UAE.