Marine Farms


Marine cage aquaculture is widely used in lakes and at sea. Fish are confined in cages constructed of fiber net or wire suspended from a floating frame. Traditional marine cages are often placed near the coast for operating convenience and the fish waste is polluting the seabed and the coastal area, destroying marine life.

Based on this observation, NOVATON developed the NOVATON EEVO (Environment Evolution) marine cages. The NOVATON EEVO cages are sustainable by extracting waste, minimizing the quantity that disperses into the environment. 

The bottom of the NOVATON EEVO marine cages is covered with a membrane and a basket that collects the fish waste and the remaining feed, until it is extracted on a daily basis. 

Marine Farms

Collection of waste to avoid polluting the environment

Daily mechanical waste evacuation using a tubing system that siphons off sludge and fish waste

Limits the need for divers, as they don’t need to go into the cage to collect the waste

Very limited discharge of toxic waste into the sea

Marine Farms

Small ecological housing replaces diesel barges

Contains an automatic feeding system and storage

Integrates NOVATON Smart System measuring oxygen levels and water quality

Is powered by renewable solar energy

NOVATON EEVO marine cages integrate NOVATON Smart Systems for optimal water quality and feed management


Tabuk | Saudi Arabia

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