Marine Farm


Indonesia is the second largest producer of fish in the world. Lake Cirata, in West Java, is covered by 72,000 fish cages in which fishermen cultivate tilapia and carp. Due to this intense activity, oxygen levels in the water are extremely low, killing millions of fish every year. 

With the vision of developing sustainable and clean aquaculture, NOVATON’s scientists and engineers developed the NOVATON CHESSBOARD: a completely isolated floating structure to cultivate fish and shrimp in clean water suspended in polluted lakes and seas.


A biological closed system suspended in water

An innovative membrane isolates the culture water basins from the polluted surrounding water

The water used for aquaculture is safe from the contamination by external hazards: pollution, fuels, plastic particles and other waste released into the sea

The cultivation water is conditioned according to natural and optimal requirements of the cultivated fish


An environment-friendly system based on clean technologies

The water recycling, aeration and feeding systems are operated with renewable solar energy

The waste from the fish and aquaculture operations is extracted and recycled onshore for other uses (i.e. animal feed)

The cultivation water is treated naturally, without chemicals

Equipped with NOVATON water quality Smart Systems and remote supervision


Easy to operate, offering jobs to rural communities

Simple, reliable technology, easily operated by trained farmers

Low upfront investment with possibility to scale up

Low operation costs

NOVATON CHESSBOARD marine farms integrate NOVATON Smart Systems for optimal water quality and feed management