Land Farms


In many parts of the world, entire families live on the product from their own small open-pond or cage fisheries. These are highly dependent on weather conditions and the water supply, and are exposed to risks such as low oxygen, viruses, rodents, algae blooms and polluted waters. This old fashioned way of farming is becoming unsustainable both economically and environmentally.

NOVASPHERE Nano farms are designed to provide these families with their own independent, sustainable, aquaculture farms, cultivating natural, clean and healthy seafood.  

The NOVASPHERE Nano farm is an economic, compact system, easy to install and to operate sustainably.

NOVASPHERE Nano farms 

A compact module adequate for small land surfaces

A light bio-secured tunnel shaped structure

Quick and easy to install

Requires a surface area of around 500 sqm for a cultivation system

NOVASPHERE Nano farms 

Environmentally friendly

Zero toxic discharge of waste into nature

Can operate with solar energy

NOVASPHERE Nano farms 

Owned and operated by a family providing financial independence

Requires minimum upfront investment and provides an excellent ROI

Easy to operate without scientific know-how

NOVATON provides training, standard operating procedures and technical support

NOVASPHERE Nano farms integrate NOVATON Smart Systems for optimal water quality and feed management


Rehamna | Morocco

The Rehamna Farm is the first land-based closed system shrimp farm in the Kingdom of Morocco

NOVATON chose Morocco for its optimal climatic conditions for aquaculture and proximity to the European markets. The Kingdom has a well-developed logistics network, as well as a qualified workforce.