Mission & Vision

Our Mission

NOVATON's mission is to continuously innovate in the field of sustainable aquaculture, to produce and sell natural, healthy seafood, rich in nutritional value, free of chemical and medicinal additives.

We innovate in clean technologies and integrate the best available biotechnology, smart systems, clean energy, water management, biosecurity and cultivation methodologies.

As a one-stop solution for our clients, we have the in-house competencies to ‘Build, Operate and Market’ cleantech aquaculture farms and clean natural seafood on a global scale.

Our Vision

To become a global leader in sustainable aquaculture by 2027, by continuously innovating in the fields of biotechnology, biosecurity, smart systems and clean energy.

What we did


Prof. Dr. Thomas Hinderling and his wife Christine Ledergerber founded NOVATON in 2010 to commercialize the Solar Islands concept he had invented and offer consulting services in the area of renewable energy systems. When Dr. Thomas Hinderling passed away in 2011, Christine continued the NOVATON journey.

As of 2016, the commercial operations started under the leadership of a new CEO, Issam Kabbani. Today, NOVATON focuses on providing complete sustainable systems and solutions for the aquaculture industry.

NOVATON assembled a Scientific Board composed of world-renowned scientists and contracted exclusive strategic partnerships with advanced research and development (R&D) institutions as well as component and solution providers in all relevant fields.


Discover NOVATON’s historical milestones and achievements since the company’s creation.

Who started


Prof. Dr. Thomas Hinderling
Christine Ledergerber-Hinderling

Co-Founder and Group Co-Chairwoman

Issam Kabbani

Co-Founder, Group CEO and Co-Chairman


NOVATON has several game changing solutions to produce at industrial scale clean seafood, free of chemicals, high in protein and omegas, using clean tech and clean energy. It saves water, saves energy, saves land and doesn’t pollute land or marine environments.



U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

Whenever it is applicable in its policies, business operations and products, NOVATON abides by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to transform our world.


The NOVATON Ethical Chart

NOVATON is engaged in the sustainable food industry on a global scale. The founders recognize the implied social responsibility and the importance of business ethics in this context. Therefore, they have imbedded a very strict Ethical Chart in the company’s DNA, uncompromisingly committed to ethical business, sustainability and fair trade. The NOVATON management, employees and consultants are all contractually required to abide by the company’s Ethical Chart.


NOVATON’s Core Values

  • Transparency and integrity
  • Win-win
  • Innovation
  • Team, trust and respect
  • Professionalism


Countries of Operations