NOVATON is installing the first land-based shrimp farm in Morocco

In October, NOVATON started the installation of the first land-based shrimp farm for sustainable aquaculture in the Kingdom of Morocco. This represents a new era in Moroccan aquaculture.

“This project is unique”, says Othman Krafess (NOVATON) “it will drive the modernization of the Moroccan aquaculture, while providing fresh, premium quality shrimp to the local communities and export markets.”

The farm will operate NOVATON’s proprietary biological closed systems, called NOVASPHERE NANO controlled with smart systems, providing optimal conditions for cultivating marine water shrimps naturally, without chemicals, saving water and energy, and without any water exchange or toxic discharge into nature.

The NOVATON farm is located in the province of Rehamna, not far from the ports of Casablanca and Marrakech airport.

The first NOVATON ARADE farm complex is intended to produce 400 Tons of shrimp per year.

The first phase for producing 50 Tons has started in Rehamna and will operate before spring.

Over time, NOVATON will implement additional farms in the Kingdom, creating employment, producing premium seafood for local markets and exports, and preserving natural ecosystems.

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