Issam Kabbani on stage at Salon Halieutis 2023

NOVATON CEO on stage at Salon Halieutis in Agadir, Morocco

NOVATON CEO, Issam Kabbani, is honored to have been invited to Agadir by ANDA, the National Agency for the Development of Aquaculture, as speaker and panelist at the 6th Halieutis Expo in the Kingdom of Morocco.

The theme of the session was sustainable fisheries and aquaculture levers for a blue economy.

The panel had insightful exchanges on consumers’ expectations. Today, consumers are looking for healthy seafood, free of chemicals and without polluting the planet. This implies full transparency of the distribution from the farm to the fork.

Issam Kabbani concluded that the new generation aquaculture should be fully sustainable and without chemicals, establishing trust between the farm and the consumers.

For memory, in October 2022, NOVATON started the installation of the first land-based shrimp farm in the Kingdom of Morocco. Read more here

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