NOVATON is the world’s first closed system shrimp farm to receive BAP certification

BAP is only third party aquaculture certification program in the world that certifies every step of the production chain: hatchery, feed mill, farm and processing plant.

To our knowledge, NOVATON is the first closed system shrimp farm to receive the BAP certification in the world” states Issam Kabbani, Group CEO and Co-Chairman of the company. “This is part of NOVATON’s drive to lead the new generation in truly sustainable aquaculture. This means our company is ethically committed to the environment, society, animal welfare and consumers’ health.

This achievement was possible thanks to a very professional team and implementing NOVATON’s strict sustainable cultivation procedures end-to-end. This ensures the highest level of biosecurity, ethics, animal welfare and producing clean healthy seafood.” adds Mrs Christine Ledergerber, Group Director for Ethics and Certifications and Co-Chairwoman.

The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) is a global third-party aquaculture certification program that verifies, audits & certifies producers who are following best aquaculture practices to deliver farmed seafood safely and responsibly. It addresses four key areas of sustainability: 

  • environmental,
  • social,
  • food safety,
  • animal health and welfare


A few months ago, the NOVATON Al Nasiriya Farm also received the SAMAQ certification. SAMAQ is the Saudi national aquaculture product certification and labeling program developed by the Saudi Aquaculture Society under the guidance of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture.

The SAMAQ label indicates that a product complies with requirements of the Saudi Arabian Code for Responsible Aquaculture Practices, and is in accordance to international guidelines and standards.

The SAMAQ logo indicates the  local origin, freshness and  safety of the national aquaculture products.

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