Novaton provides sustainable solutions for renewable energies and aquaculture


We build and operate clean technology aquaculture farms


We produce 100 % natural shrimp and fish, free of antibiotics, without organic waste

Salmo Solar ™ - Clean Energy Solutions for Off-Shore Aquaculture


What We Do

  • Novaton provides the global aquaculture industry with clean technology farms, producing natural seafood, free of antibiotics. This includes: clean technologies for water treatment, clean energy to reduce costs and eliminate diesel pollution, and treatment of organic waste.

  • Industrial Aquaculture is set to grow 4.5% to 5% a year over the next decade.

  • To this date, 90 percent of the world's wild Tuna, Seabass, Cod, Halibut, Grouper, Salmon and most of the oceans edible fish have been fished out for consumption. (U.N/FAO)

  • As a consequence, 70% of the worlds fisheries are significantly depleted. (U.N/FAO)

  • Industrial Aquaculture is the only alternative to meet the growing demand for fish protein as the global population grows. (U.N/FAO)

  • Regulators and consumers alike pressure the industry to be ecologically sustainable.

  • 50% of all Salmon farms in Norway are powered by diesel generators, some operating 24/7.

  • Operating fishfarms on diesel will be banned by the Norwegian regulators by 2022, forcing the industry to seek solutions such as Salmo Solar, the cleantech fishcages of Novaton & Unitec Offshore A/S, providing additional benefit of up to 35% savings in energy cost)

  • Using NOVATON's cleantech solutions will further allow fishfarms to operate in exposed sea areas without polluting or be exposed to lice devastation.

  • As a one of its kind, NOVATON has developed several patented solutions for building industrial size offshore floating PV Solar Islands.

  • The floating islands can further be equipped with Novaton's patented fish farming cages, which provides a 100 % clean solar energy powered aquaculture ocean platform.

  • This industrial size fish cage produces its own clean energy and operates diesel-free.

  • These fish cages can operate further out in the exposed ocean, allowing salmon farms and other fish farms to move away from environmentally sensitive inshore areas as increasingly required by regulators.

  • NOVATON offers several clean energy and climate control rooftop products, specifically for industrial buildings processing fish, packaging, freezing and storing.ergola's

    CEO NOVATON, Vice-Chair Scientific Board
    CEO NOVATON, Vice-Chair Scientific Board

    33 + years of multinational experience in the development and the operations of multinational corporations and milestone infrastructure projects.

    Senior positions in operational management & board of directors seats since 1984.

    Conducting negotiations with governments and multinational business corporations since 1984.

    Chairwoman of NOVATON and of the Scientific Board
    Chairwoman of NOVATON and of the Scientific Board

    Co-Founded NOVATON with Prof. Dr. Thomas Hinderling, her late husband.

    After his passing away, Mrs. Ledergerber Hinderling has continuously led and sustained the vision and development of NOVATON.

    Experience with 30+ High Tech Start-Ups and has held management positions in global companies.


    International banking and finance experience in Switzerland and the USA.

    Fintech and Software Director and Executive positions (COO/CFO) with deep exposure in worldwide operations.

    MBA from Lausanne University (Ecole des HEC).

    Responsible for NOVATON’s Aquaculture Technologies
    Leads NOVATON’s Aquaculture Technologies

    With his extended experience in Recirculation and Zero Water Discharge Aquaculture, Dr. Suantika leads NOVATON’s Aquaculture Technologies.

    PhD in Applied Marine Biology from Ghent, Belgium

    PhD Aquaculture & Microbiology. BSc

    Director MENA
    Director MENA

    With his extended Managerial experience in negotiating and implementing large infrastructure projects in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Mohanna is NOVATON’s Director Business Development in the MENA Region

    MSc Mathematics, BSc

    BSc Applied Mathematics

    Manager Smart Systems & AI
    Civil Engineering & Smart Systems

    Project Manager responsible for Smart Systems integration in Novaton Cleantech Farms.

    Director Clean Energy
    Director Clean Energy

    29 years of experience in developing and operating global serviceand sales organizations for clean and renewable technologies.

    Project Management
    Project Management

    Technical and commercial senior management positions with ABB.

    Mechanical engineering and electrical systems.

    Global experience in project development and management.

    IP Manager
    IP Manager

    IP and Patent Management.

    10 years in R&D (camera based optical sensors) and 12 years’ experience in intellectual property management.

    Main focus on clean and renewable energy technologies.


  • Solar Island floating on a lake in a quarry close to Zurich airport, 12 m x 12 m, mounted with welded membrane solar PV panels and regular PV panels with racking, since 2016.

    Stadel, Switzerland

    Solar Island floating on a lake close to Zurich airport.

  • Ras al Khaimah, UAE

    Sun tracking Solar Island ™ -

  • Installed on a fish farm in Trovag, a hybrid solar system with an environmental friendly battery system. Test site for one of Novaton's clean energy solutions designed for operating in Scandinavian cold and windy weather, efficiently producing clean energy from the sun.

    Trovag, Norway

    A hybrid solar system with an environmental friendly battery system.

  • Currently installing a Super intensive pilot shrimp farm combining Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) and Zero Water Discharge (ZWD). This ZWDRAS closed system is environmentally friendly, saves large quantities of precious water, secures a higher and more stable shrimp production free of stress, uric acid, chemicals and disease.

    Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

    Super intensive Recirculating Aquaculture System.

  • Salmon Solar ™ - Planned integrated clean energy off shore fish cage pilot


    Salmon Solar ™

  • NOVATON are having current discussions with the government of a Middle Eastern country, where polluted reefs from oil production has devistated fisheries. Novaton is offering a solution to re-oxygenating severely polluted sea-shores and introduce aquaculture economic activities using NOVATON's solar platforms and other cleantech solutions. This project is currently at the feasibility stage.

    Emerging Market

    Clean energy solutions to reoxygenate the poluted reefs of this Middle Eastern country

What people say

Our Clients
Issam Kabbani(CEO)

Consumers want clean seafood. This is the future. The global aquaculture sector is now pressured by regulators and consumers to finally operate with clean technology. Novaton brings the right solutions at the right time. This has a healthy pull-effect on our sales efforts. We find very enthusiastic responses from the market and so we are looking at continuous growth during the next decade.

Our Clients
Mr Aws Al Ghazali ( Muscat, Oman )

I was happy to find that Novaton actually offers an aquaculture package of integrated solutions solving several of my problems together. Intially i was looking how to solve each problem separately. Novaton provides me the package solution.

Our Clients
Mr. Abdullah Al-Bazie (Tabuk, Saudi Arabia)

There is no doubt the Gulf Area ( GCC ) and Saudi Arabia will rely on the technologies created by Novaton in the near future. From Solar energy on land and on sea to ZWDRAS, Novaton is facilitating the introduction of 21st century technologies in our region. Solar Energy is the future Oil in our region and aquaculture will feed our population.

Our Clients
Gunnar Birkland. VP R&D Unitech Offshore A/S, Bergen, Norway

Everything Novaton does is state of the art.

Aquaculture Facts

Aquaculture has been the fastest growing food production sector over the past 20 years. To enable long-term sustainability, companies active in the aquaculture industry must also address mounting consumer concerns over the environmental impact of fish farming.

Pollution & Customer Awareness
Aquaculture uses 60 Million Tons of Diesel/Y
  • Traditional aquaculture uses antibiotics
  • Novaton’s solution
  • Solar based energy system combined with closed loop recirculating Aquaculture
Technology Improvements

Modern closed loop aquaculture systems
  • Clean technologies for ‘smart' water treatment and future proof automation capabilities
  • Novaton’s solution
  • Novaton provides modern solutions that scales according to specific needs


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